Adding the Viber Channel to Reply Now

Viber became the second integration added to our social messaging platform Reply Now. Viber is a popular messenger with more than a billion of active users in 193 countries. Every minute there are around 7 million interactions with the messenger. An average Viber user launches the app more than 12 times a day. 

All these facts point that Viber is a widely used messenger with huge potential for business. For business purposes the messenger offers the so called business accounts that let you register a company in Viber, set up integration with third-party chat systems and communicate with clients.

Viber allows using their API only to send and receive messages in business account, which sounds reasonable. Previously anyone could register a business account in order to promote their business in Viber. However, the company changed the policy, so we had to pass the registration and verification procedure in order to get the business account. 

Once we received it, we began testing connection and sending messages from our Reply Now. Unlike Facebook that uses OAuth to connect a page to Reply Now, Viber only requires an authentication token, which can be found in the business account settings. 

The testing schema was the following – we connected our business account to Reply Now, found it in Viber and began sending messages. Amazing, it worked! So, we set up our next goal – connect one more messenger or social network. It could be Twitter or Telegram, for example. 

Stay with us in our fascinating journey in the ocean of social messaging!